CE Distribution is a centrally located in the Fairfax business district in Kansas City, KS. We have been in business for over 25 years and operate out of a 40,000 sq ft warehouse.

We service the metro area of Kansas City and cities surrounding the metro area in Kansas and Missouri.

Orders can be delivered via our delivery truck or picked up at our warehouse.

We have competitive pricing and excellent customer service. We are Worth Our Salt!

We provide high quality products that keep water softeners running at peak performance.
Solar Extra Coarse (34050) Solar Salt produced by standard solar evaporation technology from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The salt is washed for removal of impurities, kiln dried, selectively screened to insure this special gradation of salt, admixed and quality control tested. Click to learn more.
CE Distribution operates out of a 40,000 sq ft warehouse in the Fairfax District in Kansas City, KS.
Customers can pick up products at our warehouse or have them delivered.
Ice Cutter: Melts snow and ice down to -5 degrees F. When pre-applied prevents snow and ice from bonding to the surface area. Learn more.
Our packaged ice melters take care of all of your needs whether you are in landscaping, private or commercial snow removal.
Our delivery truck has a lift gate so we can accommodate customers without docks.

We accept company check, MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

CE Distribution, Inc.
3250 Brinkerhoff Rd
Kansas City, KS 66115
Phone: 913-915-2327
Email: info@cedistributioninc.com